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“Another listener here, locked in 85 pts on scaled out of 2 contracts at 1x risk then 2x risk, letting the third contract run”


“Definitely! I absolutely love my trading mornings now! Don’t EVER, EVER, leave!!”


“I’ve been trading for a long time and been to different trade rooms, and NO ONE has predicted a target that far away, and it made it to the target.”


“Had to go out so missed first move but this has certainly compensated – 100 points up – scaled out 2 and running with 1”


“Trying to learn how to hold. thanks for your guidance”


“Trying to learn how to hold. thanks for your guidance. Nice 1 min move on MNQ; I was able to pick up 135 pts using the 3 contract scale out method :)”


“It might be my 1st breakeven week or slightly profitable, which is a massive improvement for me. Thanks for the room; have a good day”


“Whew out of last trade made 29.5 pts In @ 14427.5 – out @ 14398.00 With missing the 9:32 trade, I’m still up 53 pts today !Chatroom and being with the fighter squadron, keeps my nerves calm. Thanks!”


“My first day with Serenity Trading. Glad to be trading with other AbleTrend users. Got 50 points today. Thank you so much Michael, glad to have found you.”

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AbleTrend Charts Made Easy

With 15+ years experience in utilizing and analyzing AbleTrend Charts, our team knows how to help you get results. We give you day-to-day help to increase your confidence in trading. You will learn entry and exit strategies with AbleTrend charts by AbleSys. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, follow along with our charts every market day.



What We Can Do For You

We are a live trading room, walking you through entries and exits of every trade of the Nasdaq and Russell futures using AbleTrend software. Join our AbleTrend expert, along with other traders, as he teaches you to become a “robot” by taking the emotion out of trading.

live trading room

Walking you through entries and exits of every trade of the Nasdaq and Russell futures

proven trading method

Our method of trading allows you to take every trade

minimum financial risk

Our low price of $175 /mo gives you the power to take the stress out of trading

join the room

We will explain the puke point and how to trade without ever reaching yours

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